I want to put some of your attention into Windows Terminal, a new app I’ve installed onto my machine. I always wished for Windows to become a developer-friendly environment. Introducing Terminal is definitely a huge leap in that direction.

I was first amazed by how nice it is to have Ubuntu console running under Windows machine, and now — here you go — multi-tab, multi-OS, multi-paradigm. I love the combination of doing cmd, bash and powershell at the same time in different tabs.

It becomes easier to do cross-platform development on Windows. It also becomes easier to get stuck in vim on Windows.

Genuinely want to share it with the community as I find it useful in my daily routine.

Last, but not least — it’s open-source, and you can influence the product by raising an issue or submitting a PR.

I’ve noticed that from dev perspective, Portainer is exactly the tool which embraces DevOps culture principles. It makes things much easier to be operated by dev, it enables more automation which is fewer errors, more determinism.

I personally came to DevOps culture as tech leader for various teams multiple times, and advocated for it in product teams. It made sense as everyone got engaged into the process of building the product, and operating it, monitoring, testing etc — instead of just shipping random tasks you throw at people.

More info on DevOps culture, the first link is fundamental.

What do you think guys & gals?

In the end, we all need support. And that support comes in various forms and sizes, could be just a few little words, or bold actions.
Now I see my role as a leader is to create such an environment that would inspire my people to create great things.


A few months ago I’ve organized an online team-building for my team, and it was awesome!


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Всім привіт! В Дзиґи насичене життя, хоч і не завжди в нас є час порадувати вас гарними фото.

А все ж таки, це дуже важливо, тому нумо спробуймо кілька різних форматів — який був би цікавіший і вам, і міг залучити більше людей до нашої спільноти, спільноти фанатів Дзиґи 😉

Dmytro Zhluktenko

Ukraine, Lviv. Young & mad. IT, .NET, F#, C#, Azure, software developer. Leading @lvivdotnet. Traveling, seeing things, living life.

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