I always have a need to edit and play with WSL Linux based files in my Windows apps, like editing them in Notepad++.

Simple trick — use WSL and go into directory you need to open in Windows Explorer.

cd /home/dimko/.pulumi/test

Then, once you are in the directory, just hit



I’ve noticed that from dev perspective, Portainer is exactly the tool which embraces DevOps culture principles. It makes things much easier to be operated by dev, it enables more automation which is fewer errors, more determinism.

I personally came to DevOps culture as tech leader for various teams multiple times, and advocated for it in product teams. It made sense as everyone got engaged into the process of building the product, and operating it, monitoring, testing etc — instead of just shipping random tasks you throw at people.

More info on DevOps culture, the first link is fundamental.

What do you think guys & gals?



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