To inspire

In the end, we all need support. And that support comes in various forms and sizes, could be just a few little words, or bold actions.
Now I see my role as a leader is to create such an environment that would inspire my people to create great things.

The very first solution, and possibly, the very accurate to start with, was to inspire people by my example. Discuss the experience, my thoughts on that, highlight not only positive experience, but negative as well.

First, I started intuitively doing that, only then I realized that this is the one of the most critical characteristics of a leader — to inspire.

I started thinking of this article because I felt tired and like I do not want anything anymore… I bet, a lot of people go through similar thoughts in their minds but mostly never mention it in public since it feels shameful to be weak, and to question yourself, your life choices. My thoughts led me through everything I did both professionally and socially, and the latter was the game-changer for the whole discussion boiling in my head. Once I’ve created a public social profile for myself, I realized that all of my actions get a reaction. Everything I say, everything I write, everything I record, everything I whisper in private discussion with someone — all that resonates with my people.
Having such power and influence questions my desires, long-term vision — what do I actually value in life. I defined it quite a bit ago when I’ve been taking Camino De Santiago and refining my narratives.

So, having my vision as to create, inspire and help, I realized that I have to use my influence to contribute to the world to make it a better place by creating healthy environments, by inspiring my people, and by supporting them with their fascinating beginnings and when they are down mentally and physically. This is the instrument to implement my vision.



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Dmytro Zhluktenko

Ukraine, Lviv. Young & mad. IT, .NET, F#, C#, Azure, software developer. Leading @lvivdotnet. Traveling, seeing things, living life.