Windows Terminal is very powerful

I want to put some of your attention into Windows Terminal, a new app I’ve installed onto my machine. I always wished for Windows to become a developer-friendly environment. Introducing Terminal is definitely a huge leap in that direction.

I was first amazed by how nice it is to have Ubuntu console running under Windows machine, and now — here you go — multi-tab, multi-OS, multi-paradigm. I love the combination of doing cmd, bash and powershell at the same time in different tabs.

It becomes easier to do cross-platform development on Windows. It also becomes easier to get stuck in vim on Windows.

Genuinely want to share it with the community as I find it useful in my daily routine.

Last, but not least — it’s open-source, and you can influence the product by raising an issue or submitting a PR.



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Dmytro Zhluktenko

Ukraine, Lviv. Young & mad. IT, .NET, F#, C#, Azure, software developer. Leading @lvivdotnet. Traveling, seeing things, living life.